The rate of innovation is ever increasing. What would seem like a giant leap fifty years ago appears more like a small step today. Second, these innovations are changing the average consumer. Going from the world where connected technology was mostly a dream to such ubiquity where more humans have mobile phones than access to working toilets is nothing short of impressive.

As you consider the journey, there’s no doubt that consumer expectations have changed—we’ve forced them to change with each innovation being faster, smaller and more accessible than the last.
The same expectations apply to your business. Customers expect faster response times, shorter wait times, more value and less cost all at once. The companies who figure out how to serve this modern consumer will thrive. And the others? Their days are numbered.
Blue Goldfish highlights those companies doing the former, using technology, data and analytics to improve customer experience. Technology brought us these increasing expectations, and it’s the only thing that can save our businesses from them.
An example?
Let’s assume you have an existing product or service and have been in business for more than six months. Do you have any control over the market, your competition or the economy? No, no, and no. The only thing you have control over is your company’s genetic makeup or how you differentiate your product or service. Remember that as you move forward in 2017.