Hall of Fame Class of 2011–Nordstrom

It’s not easy finding a pair of shoes that you like for a particular occasion. What is even worse is when you find the perfect pair, but your feet are slightly different sizes–and one of the shoes doesn’t fit well. Our feet, much like us as humans, aren’t perfect. In fact, many of us have feet that aren’t quite the same size. Whether one is longer, shorter, more wide, or more narrow, the shoe department at Nordstrom understands this–and they’ve been using it to their Purple Goldfish advantage for a long time.


Since 1901, the good people at Nordstrom have worked to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers possess style—not just buy fashion. Additionally, they’re committed to providing their customers with good service. With 347 stores in 40 states and Canada, you can certainly tell that their commitment to their customers has taken them far in the world of retail. In addition to selling customers two different shoe sizes as needed, Nordstrom also offers free shipping and free returns, and mobile shopping.


If you’re one of those lucky people whose feet are the same size, I salute you. Speaking as someone whose left foot is slightly larger than his right foot, I can tell you that Nordstrom has a customer in me for life. I’m sure I can’t be the only person who feels this way. After all, most of us wear shoes every single day of our lives. It’s important that they fit well–and sometimes that means they have to be two different sizes. 


Your customers are human. Realizing that they, just like you, are imperfect is they perfect way to find common ground. Purple Goldfish like these not only help you connect with your customers, but also help you retain them forever. 
Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – Ellen sent her beauty guru Kym Douglas to Nordstrom with a secret earpiece. The results are hilarious.