Hall of Fame Class of 2010–Zappos

Sometimes winning customers can take more than having what they want–it can mean sending them somewhere else to help a customer. At least, that is one reason Zappos has found as much success as they have. They also offer free shipping both ways, free upgrades, and a 365 day return policy. These little extras have paid off big with customers of Zappos over the years– and no one recognizes that more than Zappos themselves.


Zappos was born in 1999. The original idea was to create a website that offered the absolute best selection in shoes in terms of brands, styles, colors, sizes, and widths. Since 1999, the company’s aspirations have evolved, but their goal to be the company providing the absolute best in online customer service has never wavered. Zappos delivers happiness.


The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, has never confused customer experience with an expense. He says, “Our business is based on repeat customers and word of mouth. There’s a lot of value in building up our brand name and what it stands for. We view the money that we spend on customer service as marketing money that improves our brand.”


Many times, a business will get so caught up in what they’re spending to bring customers in, they can forget that it isn’t always about the almighty dollar. When you view “spend” as “customer experience” instead, it can make all the difference in your bottom line.
Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – here is Rachael Ray putting the customer service of Zappos to the test during the busy holiday season.