Hall of Fame Class of 2013–Safelite Auto Glass

I can still recall that stomach sinking feeling that came over me when I realized my car had been broken into. There was nothing extraordinary about what happened. I hadn’t left anything massively valuable in plain sight. Cars get broken into regularly. Yet, when it happens to us, our entire world is turned upside down. We think of our vehicles as these safe, indestructible shells when in reality, they’re vulnerable just like we are. Safelite Auto Glass not only understands this, but they seemed determined to make me feel like a VIP, with vacuum and wipe service, on a day nothing else seemed to be going right.


Safelite repairs, Safelite replaces, Safelite does a little extra–and it doesn’t cost them a single penny to do it. After replacing your damaged window, Safelite Auto Glass simply cleans your windows, vacuums up any glass fragments, and sends you on your way with one less thing to worry about.


Purple Goldfish, also known as anytime a business goes above and beyond to provide that “little extra” to their customers, doesn’t have to be extravagant. It simply has to be memorable. Once a window on your car is replaced, our next biggest concern is broken glass. Safelite takes that worry away and then goes one step further in wiping down the brand new glass.


Getting auto glass replaced doesn’t have to be a big headache–and Safelite proves that with their outstanding customer service. By taking care of all the worries that surround a window replacement on a vehicle, Safelite is one giant leap ahead of their competition.
Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – here are even more reasons why Safelite is above and beyond their competition.