Verizon personalizes its service through a desktop solution called Rep Guidance. The system shows reps detailed customer information such as how much data they use, what shows they watch and which TV equipment they use the most. Rep Guidance allows call center representatives to foster more intelligent, better-connected conversations with customers on one single screen.

Over 100 Verizon customer representatives worked together with internal Customer Experience and Technology teams to build the solutions.

“We’re trying to use data to be predictive and anticipate what the problem is. We realized that when a customer is calling in, they assume we know all the details about their situation.” says Miguel Quiroga, executive director for Verizon Telecom. How does it work? For example, a customer calls in to talk about their account. They inquire about upgrading their TV package or inquire about available speed upgrades. Rep Guidance provides meaningful insight about the customer, allowing the representative to rightsize their TV viewing and broadband needs.

According to Tami Erwin, Verizon President of National Operations, “This cuts down on those moments where one family member would call to switch their video package, only to find out later that their family member or loved one will lose some of their favorite channels. Or a customer calls to save money on their bill, our reps now have true insight into their preferences to provide guidance.”

This is an excellent example of how one big business is providing customer relationship care via personalization.