Tell ya what, I’ll even wear your wife’s wedding dress and mow your lawn every week if that’s what it takes. I’m hungry, and I just want to learn!

That’s how I ended a sales letter that I gave a marketing professional that I had heard was really good at what he did. I came to find out that he was one of the best internet marketers in the world, and so I began to prospect him hard.
Actually, let me back up. The sales later was included in a pitch binder that I had the audacity to leave in a giant crate with a thank you card, a nice bottle of wine, and a few other goodies. Here’s the kicker…he was still a total stranger at the time.
Ask me about it sometime, and I’ll tell you the whole outlandish tale (including the part where we went grocery shopping together after our first meeting at Starbucks ran long).

That all sounds insane…but you know what? It worked.

In fact, capturing the interest of your most valuable partners, customers, and prospects, and providing them remarkable experiences is actually a lot easier than you think.
All it takes is polite persistence that is laden with value, and out caring everyone else. Are you tracking with me here? Be persistent, polite, add value, and care.
You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Yeah, that’s common sense. Lead with value, and follow up a lot.” I agree with you that those principles are inherently understood. However, I have found that this is concept is commonly accepted, and rarely executed.

So now what do you do?

As with anything, you just need a system. Remember that “Persistent, Polite, Value, and Care” model that I alluded to earlier? That’s just the ticket. You can remember that theory with the acronym “PPVC” or my short word association, “Peter Parker Valets Cars.”

When serving customers...remember Spiderman parking cars

When aiming for remarkable customer service…remember Spiderman parking cars

(Sorry, I’m a superhero dork, and something about Spiderman wearing a red vest and parking Nissan Altima’s seems like the perfect alter ego to me).

Let’s break that down…

Persistence – Your last five bi-weekly emails haven’t gotten a response? Fine, they’re busy. Write a handwritten note, shoot them a Facebook message, or text them. Be ubiquitous. Block out time in your calendar every few weeks, and focus on how you can help them, and command their attention. Their time is not given; it’s earned.
Polite – This is not saying, “Hey, how are you? Hope you’re well.” It’s more a matter of being considerate of their time, getting to the point, and emphasizing that you’re aiming to make a positive difference in their lives. With a sufficient amount of “please” and “thank you” interwoven, of course.
Value – People want a solution to their problem or pain. They don’t particularly care about your company, product, or service. This is taking the time to make offers on how you can serve, making a useful introduction, or providing a recommendation because your intuition identified a need of theirs. This is how you accrue influence.
Care – Don’t give because you’re looking for something in return. Give from the heart because you want to add value, and make a difference in the lives of the people that you serve. As Zig Ziglar once said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”     
Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – Here’s a little motivation to develop your PPVC model right now to attract and retain more of your dream customers.