Going Above and Beyond

#1043 in the Purple Goldfish Project is LEGO
lego purple goldfishThis purple goldfish was submitted by Stephen Holodak . In Stephen’s words,

I’m not sure if this is lagniappe or if it’s just exceptional customer service, but in either case it’s a great example of a company doing the right thing.  Just thought I’d pass it along.

Here is the YouTube video Stephen attached:

This is a tremendous video on so many levels. A brand that relates in a personal way with both words and an extraordinary gesture. Parents who were so touched by LEGO’s efforts that they wanted to share the experience.
Make sure you read the description below the video. It has the original letter and Lego’s two written responses. Thomas only reads the second one in the video. The first is a typical written response to a consumer inquiry. The second one is pure lagniappe. Giving a little extra that’s thrown in for good measure. One sentence stood out in that letter,

Due to your passion for LEGO and your heart-warming letter, we knew we had to go above and beyond to help make this a reality.

Kudos to Megan and the entire team at LEGO for going the extra mile to embrace passion.
Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – I had the opportunity to hear LEGO Group Head of Social Media Lars Silberbauer speak at the DIALOG Conference in Sweden this past summer. Lars shared a few really interesting projects including the crowd sourcing platform called Cuusoo. He also shared a snippet from a video that LEGO created for its 80th anniversary. It’s an instant classic. Bookmark it if you don’t have 17 minutes to spare to learn about the history of “playing well” and the “importance of a system”:

The Purple Goldfish Project is an continuing effort to crowd source 1000+ examples of marketing glue. Brands that ‘give little unexpected extras’ to drive differentiation, increase satisfaction and promote positive word of mouth. Learn more about the concept and the 12 ways to stand out in a sea of sameness: Slideshare presentation.