In 2011, digital consultancy AnswerLab gave every employee a Fitbit tracker as a holiday gift. As a digital shop, they tested the devices in advance and ultimately chose Fitbit because it embraced basic human behaviors. CEO Amy Buckner had this to say in Inc:

“Fitbit is so in tune with human psychology that many of us have grown a deep affection for the small clip-on gadget. One of our senior researchers caught a cab in Florida, realized her Fitbit had fallen off, made the driver return to the research facility where she originated, searched the elevator, sprinted back to the eye tracking room, found the Fitbit on the floor, and dashed back to the cab. We long for the Fitbit greeting, “Howdy, Amy; walk me,” like coming home to a much-loved pet. In fact, many of us wonder if we exercise without the Fitbit on if we’ve really exercised at all. Our attachment to our Fitbits makes us huge promoters of the product to friends, family, and colleagues.”

Fitbit-FamilyEmpowering customers can’t be the entirety of your customer experience strategy, however. Fitbit backs up their product’s user experience with world-class customer support. Browsing a Fitbit thread on the popular discussion website Reddit uncovers impressive examples of customer service.
User Hhumerus shared their story to open the thread:

“I got a Fitbit Flex for my birthday and less than a week later, it fell off while I was at work and was nowhere to be found (I’m about 95 percent sure it somehow ended up in the trash that had been taken out right after I lost it, it wouldn’t sync up to my phone no matter where I went).
Anywho, I figured it was a long shot, but I emailed Fitbit about my situation and requested a new one. I included pictures of my receipt and a screenshot of the last time my Fitbit synced to my phone. Within 24 hours, I had an email back from them saying that they would send me a new one free of charge!
I honestly didn’t have any high hopes about getting a new one from them, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.”

The list of positive stories continues with user “Mizscarlett” who lost hers in a Walmart store and received a free replacement within a week. User “Superman_does_good” lost theirs in an airport and received a free replacement, ending his Reddit comment with, “They’re awesome.”
The lesson here is once you empower customers with devices and data that are integrated into their lives, don’t fumble the ball. Rise to the occasion with phenomenal customer support. Your loyal customers, who happen to wear your device every day, will share their positive experiences with others, just as they did on Reddit. That’s better than any advertising you can buy.