Whatever your industry, excellent customer service is an essential element in gaining customers. You also need great customer service to retain those customers and improve your brand’s positioning in your industry. It’s no longer enough to just ensure that our staff members are well trained in technology, data, and general analytics. To be effective, your customer service must anticipate your customer’s needs and ultimately create an experience that is as valuable to them as the product or service you’re offering to them. It’s all part of what ensures a seamless customer journey.

Technology and the ability to collect and manage data is quickly becoming a competitive advantage for many businesses. Applications (or apps) in particular are allowing businesses to bridge communication gaps that have been created due to intense saturation of touch points like email marketing or blogging. Apps are one of those forms of technology that you can design to be just about anything your customer needs. And make no mistake–they’ll only use it if it’s of value to them as a customer.
According to Kissmetrics, “An investment in a mobile app for your business requires an understanding of why people would return to use your app on a regular basis….people return to your app because it has ongoing value for them, not because you’d like them to.”
Apps allow customers to check class schedules, cancel classes, book appointments, rate your service, manage memberships, and more. Apps are helpful for businesses too, offering valuable insights for companies into who their customers are and what those customers like or want more of. You know what else a good app will do for your business? It creates a greater opportunity for personalized service. Customer-centric automation of your touch points and administration processes offers staff more tools and time to commit to the very core of effective long-term retention of customers. After all, every company wants to retain customers and bring more business through their doors. That being said, the marriage of technology and customer service is a complicated one, but one we have to really nurture in order to create the best experience possible for our customers.
In the rush to adopt technology and automation, the building of a relationship with your customers can get neglected. The truth is that there is ZERO amount of voice recognition software that will ultimately replace the experience of speaking to an actual person– one who truly cares about your needs. However, when you correctly combine technology and customer service, as apps have been known to do, you can come close to meeting the needs of your customer without speaking to them face to face.