How to Take Customers on a Journey in 2017

I’ve discussed the User Journey a few times over the last couple of weeks. Mainly, I’ve spoken to the importance of building the user journey and how that will affect your marketing in 2017. Here’s the question I’m getting asked the most after people read those blogs: how can I tie a user journey into the marketing I already have?

That’s a big question, isn’t it? Chances are you have spent quite a bit of time on your existing marketing and content plan. You’ve probably dedicated hours to web copy, blogging, and even social media to attract your target audience. However, with the changes that accompany marketing in 2017, it’s easy to suspect that you may have to put all of that hard work to the wayside–and bring in a totally new strategy.

Thankfully, that’s not the case. All of the hard work you’ve done on your marketing so far can be included in your customer’s journey in 2017. So much of a user’s journey revolved around content marketing. Customers want to see photos of us; they want to see what we’re up to on social media. Customers want to read and absorb the knowledge we’re sharing and they want to participate in events we’re hosting like webinars and knowledge sessions.  

They say that “Content is King.” While the type of content that trends from year to year changes (we’re definitely shifting toward video in 2017) the truth is that content is a vital part of the customer journey. Your content introduces your customers to who you are. It tells them about your products and services. Content give your customers a story that defines you specifically–and that story is what customers want to buy. That’s right! Customers aren’t buying a product or service–they’re buying a feeling.

If you haven’t already tied your customer journey to your content, now is the time to begin. Introduce blogs that don’t just talk at your customers–put your knowledge down on paper (or the internet as it may be). Really define your voice. What kind of language do you use? Eloquent? Funny? Important? Mainstream? Incorporate that voice into your content. Surveys, website copy, product descriptions–everything should fall back on your voice AND your story.

How do you even begin to take your customers on a journey in 2017? You start with your content. Everything flows from there.