Personalized Marketing Solutions

You might have noticed that I talk a lot about customer experience. Perhaps this is because of how important the experience of your customer is–but how little time companies seem to put into making customer experiences special. One thing I’ve noticed is that over the years, companies big and small have made changes to incorporate a better customer experience. Whether this is because of the dawn of the internet, where company reviews will never die or because companies realized a shift of power was happening no one can really say. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, the customer experience has certainly changed–and will continue to do so throughout 2017.

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What Marketing And Change Have In Common

There are so many marketing companies out there these days doing so many different things. From commanding the digital space to being more effective in branding, marketing companies certainly aren’t lacking in options for their specialty. But while the number of marketing companies continues to grow, the one thing that remains constant in how they reach you…is change.

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How Transparency Leads to Authenticity

Perhaps you’ve heard the name Kim Kardashian. I’m not a Kardashian follower myself, but naturally I’ve heard of Kim. Who hasn’t, am I right? Celebrity branding expert, Jeetendr Sehdev, recently wrote a new book titled
The Kim Kardashian Principle. In it, he explains why transparency leads to authenticity, an intimate experience that audiences want to have with their favorite brands according to the AMA. Sehdev argues that overexposure, limited editing and flaws are actually good things, despite their sometimes negative connotations. Read the full article about Sehdev’s new book here.

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How to Turn Around a Bad Customer Experience

You’ve really stepped in it, haven’t you? Forget the phrase “the customer is always right,” because this time there isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that the customer WAS right…and you’ve made said customer angry. Very angry. Stop! Take a deep breath. Did you know that your brand can actually use a failure as an opportunity to build a better relationship with your customer?

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How to Take Customers on a Journey in 2017

I’ve discussed the User Journey a few times over the last couple of weeks. Mainly, I’ve spoken to the importance of building the user journey and how that will affect your marketing in 2017. Here’s the question I’m getting asked the most after people read those blogs: how can I tie a user journey into the marketing I already have?

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How To Attract The Right Kind of Customer

Giving customers what they want. It seems like a simple enough process. After all, if they’re buying your product or service–they’re obviously in need of your product or service, right?

Not exactly. Now I’m not saying that the above isn’t true. After all, if they didn’t want your product or service, they wouldn’t be buying it. However, have you ever given thought to why they chose your product or service over the millions of others that are out there? There are a lot of reasons, but I’d guess that about 9 times out of 10, they chose you because you somehow spoke to them as a customer.

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Why Understanding the Customer Journey Should Matter to Your Business


In my last blog, I made mention of the customer journey. The idea that customers are on a journey is a concept that I find very interesting, and so I wanted to expand upon the idea even further. Here’s the truth: knowing that our customers have wants and needs isn’t news. On the other hand, offering a journey to those wants and needs and then going one step further to continue that journey after customers have made their purchase, is an idea that many business owners are still struggling with.

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