Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–Disney

Hall of Fame Class of 2011–Disney

There is a quote that I love. “Go the extra mile–it’s less crowded up there.” While this quote can be applied to a great many customer service situations, I feel that there is one company who is especially good at going the extra mile for their customers. What is more, they have done business this way since the beginning, so they’ve got everything down to a science. That company, and this week’s Hall of Famer, is Disney. They always go the extra mile, ensuring that what their customers get is more than what was ever expected. Everything from their service to their park experiences to their parades tacks on the extra touch that makes all the difference to both children and adults alike. 


Disney’s stories, characters and experiences reach consumers and guests from every corner of the globe. They have operations in over 40 countries, and their cast members (Disney word for employees) work together to create entertainment experiences that are both universally and locally cherished. Those words are straight from the Disney website, and they really ring true. In order to promote the idea that a Disney experience should be valued and cherished, the company and its employees always work to give more than expected. That’s part of what enhances the value in the first place, and it certainly promotes positive memories.


Often, a business looks at “giving more” as “spending more.” Here’s the truth: you don’t always have to spend money to add value. At Disney, they’re no doubt working with a multi-billion dollar budget–something most companies don’t have. However, Disney doesn’t need a big budget to make people smile. They simply need to have the right people working for them at the front lines, offering a friendly smile or directions to a nearby attraction, to offer those little extras.


It doesn’t take much to go the extra mile–yet so few companies do it. Take pause and look into ways your company can go above and beyond for your customer. It doesn’t have to cost anything more than politeness, a smile, or a helping hand. 

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