Newborns welcome at Schools Financial Credit Union

Making the transition easier for Working Mom’s

#103 in the Green Goldfish Project – Schools Financial Credit Union

schools financial green goldfish #103

Taken from a blog by Quality Logo Products:

This credit union allows any of its employees to bring their newborns to work until the children are six months old. According to SFCU’s vice president of marketing at the company, the babies cause little distraction, and since the parents can continue performing most of their work duties, the company doesn’t have to hire temps or train new people.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – Here’s Alice Cooper talking about Schools:

The Green Goldfish Project is a quest to find 1,001 examples of marketing lagniappe for employees. Green goldfish are the little signature extras given to employees. They help differentiate a company, increase employee retention and drive positive WoM.