Purple Goldfish Keynote: Little Things Make the Biggest Difference in Customer Experience

Format: ​45-90 minute keynote

Keynote Overview

Your brand’s customer experience will determine whether you thrive and profit or struggle and fade in business. The little things can make a big difference. In this keynote presentation or workshop, Stan shares the key ingredients of creating signature added value. He shares the 12 different types of purple goldfish in the two main categories of value and maintenance.


As a result of this keynote session, participants will:

  1.     Tools: Get equipped with the 3D process for customer experience.
  2.     Skills: Understand how to do the little things to drive value or reduce customer effort.
  3.     Empathy: Gain a deeper appreciation for the need to exceed customer expectations.


This keynote is for senior management, managers and frontline staff who want to improve customer retention, drive differentiation and promote word of mouth advocacy.

Attendees will learn:

Actionable ways to improve the customer experience.