Disney adds a twist to the movie experience that has audiences singing

Frozen shows no sign of cooling off

Based on the fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’ written by Hans Christian Andersen, the Disney animated movie Frozen has been a box office darling since November. In order to sustain its momentum, the movie has taken on an interesting twist.

MC  Frozen Sing-A-LongAccording to Forbes,

“In an effort to gin up more box office and/or screw over Warner Bros.’ The Lego Movie (which of course opens next weekend), Disney released a special sing-along version of the animated adventure. The trick seems to have worked, as the film earned another $2.24 million, actually up 10% from last Friday. With $352.95m, it’s actually on track for around $10m for the weekend, which would make it the fourth-biggest “10th weekend” (in wide release) and the third-biggest “11th weekend” (overall) on the books.”

Capitalizing on Your Best Customers

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a Fandango-commissioned survey of 1,000 tickets buyers, 75%  have already seen the animated blockbuster at least once, while 52% have seen it at least twice.

The movie has its best customers singing literally and figuratively. Fans have embraced the film’s original songs and its soundtrack with such passion and enthusiasm. The film has spurred hundreds of YouTube videos. “Encouraged by songs like ‘Let It Go’—we decided to create a version that would celebrate that enthusiasm,” said Dave Hollis of Disney Animated Studios. Audiences can sing along to Frozen with on-screen lyrics highlighted by a magical bouncing snowflake.

Check out this set of 4 year old twins letting it go:

Courtesy of ABC News|ABC

Takeaway: Cater to best customers by offering a little something extra. You’ll have them singing your praises in no time.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something added for good measure) – Singalong screenings have become popular with audiences in recent years for films such as “The Sound of Music,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” I experienced a similar level of audience participation as a teenager with the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rocky not only involves singing, but acting as well. This phenomenon was captured recently in Perks of Being a Wallflower. Here’s the montage from the film:

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  1. Stan Phelps
    Stan Phelps says:

    Update: I have a friend at Disney Retail. He shared a few things the stores are doing to promote the Frozen Sign-Along version. They are planning in-store events such as sing-a-longs and learn-to-draw Olaf events. These events are free. Each participant leaves with a little something extra. Customers receive things like a certificate or a frame for their work of art as a memento of their participation.

    • Stan Phelps
      Stan Phelps says:

      Hi James. I do think its “a little something extra”. Lagniappe doesn’t necessarily have to be free. As long as you are providing added value, no harm in charging for it. One of my favorite examples comes from Apple and their ONE on ONE program. One year of personalized instruction on Apple products. It costs $99, but the value is so much more (assuming you use it a handful of times or more). With Disney they’ve added a little extra to the film without charging more. They’ve created an experience for their best advocates. Fans of Frozen that literally sing their praises.

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