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Hi, I’m Stan Phelps. A keynote speaker and workshop facilitator that inspires leaders to think differently about their most important stakeholders. I work with brands to win the hearts of employees and customers.

My speaking is focused on the value of customer experience as a competitive differentiator and the importance of employee engagement in building a strong corporate culture. I challenge brands to explore new opportunities, showing them how to be more successful in tomorrow’s changing world. Working with clients to create experiences that are memorable, meaningful and on-brand. I’m driven by client objectives and inspired by bold vision.

The result: Keynotes, Workshops and Programs that win BIG.
purple green golden blue goldfish books
I’m the author of the Amazon Best-Seller, Purple Goldfish – 12 Ways to Win Customers and Influence Word of MouthThe book is based on the Purple Goldfish Project, a crowd sourcing effort that collected over 1,001 examples of signature added value. The book draws inspiration from the concept of lagniappe, providing 12 practical strategies for winning the hearts of customers and influencing positive word of mouth.

My second book is entitled, Green Goldfish – Beyond Dollars: 15 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement and Reinforce Culture. The Green Goldfish examines the importance of employee engagement in today’s workplace. The book showcases 15 ways to increase employee engagement. Signature ways beyond compensation to reinforce the culture of an organization.

My third book is entitled, Golden Goldfish – The Vital Few: All Customers and Employees Are Not Created Equal. The Golden Goldfish examines the importance of your Top 20% of customers and employees. The book showcases 9 ways to increase to drive loyalty and retention with these two critical groups.

The fourth book in the Series is entitled, Blue Goldfish – Using Technology, Data, and Analytics to Drive Both Profits and Prophets. Based on over 300 case studies, the Blue Goldfish examines the 3 R’s and the eight ways companies can harness the power of little data. It was co-authored with Evan Carroll.

The fifth book in the Series is entitled, Purple Goldfish Service Edition – The 12 Ways Hotels, Restaurants, and Airlines Win the Right Customers. Purple Goldfish Service Edition is packed with over 100 examples. The book focuses on the 12 ways to do the “little extras” to improve the customer experience for restaurants, hotels, and airlines. The end result is increased sales, happier customers, and positive word of mouth. It was co-authored with Brooks Briz.

Prior to founding, I held leadership positions at IMG, adidas, and the PGA of America. I also spent 7+ years as Chief Solutions Officer at Synergy, an award winning experiential marketing agency. At Synergy, I helped create larger than life brand experiences for brands such as KFC, M&M’s, Starbucks and organizations such as NASCAR, MLS, and the USTA. These programs, although successful, weren’t scalable or sustainable.

A Different Way

I started writing in 2009 on the belief that “differentiation via added value” can be a game changing strategy. For far too long, the overwhelming majority of marketing has fixated on the eyes and ears of the prospect. Not enough has been focused on creating experiences for current customers that drive referrals. Great customer experience is about being so remarkable that people can’t help but talk about you. That if you absolutely delight someone – they will not only come back, but they’ll bring their friends.

I am a contributor to Forbes and my insights have been featured on leading sites such as Customer ThinkMENG BlendSwitch & Shift, and Business 2 Community. Here are some of my top posts:


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Education and Background

phelps family photoI received my BS in Marketing and Human Resources from Marist College, a JD/MBA from Villanova University and a certificate for Achieving Breakthrough Service from Harvard Business School. I’m a Certified Net Promoter Associate and I’ve taught as an adjunct professor of marketing at NYU and Manhattanville College.

I’m the President of the Triangle AMA, a chapter of the American Marketing Association. I also currently serve on the Advisory Board for Special Spectators. I live in Cary, NC with my wife Jennifer, our two boys Thomas & James and our Glen of Imaal Terrier Macmurphy.